Grass Mat

Setting up the loom takes a minimum of five small poles. I would recommend eleven for the strength of the mat and making it easier to tie the mat up when finished, but for this mat I used seven. One of the poles is used to lift and lower the strings as you weave in a grass or straw.
As you move along you alternate the grass or straw so that one side doesn't get ahead of the other. Its important to alternate the lifting pole from right to left as you go up and down. This will insure that the mat will hold together.
I trim the sides as I go to reduce the weight on the loom and to keep a cleaner space to work in. It helps when your trying to move around the loom in a tight area.
Tightening as I go so I can put more straw on it. This will keep it from seperating as it is sat on or slept on.

A finished mat. Its four feet long and two and a half feet wide. If I make another one of these I can tie them together and have a decent sleeping pad, but this works enough to keep my upper body off the ground.

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